Waste of Time

Last thing in a day I do is thinking about what are the things I did which I could have avoided to save some more time. Here are few of them which I would like to get rid of one day…..

1. Refreshing iPad/laptop screen
2. logging into Facebook to check updates despite knowing nothing new is there
3. Looking at my watch and waiting for Evening 6 O’clock to leave office.
4. Checking out the same Phonebook every time to pretend I am the busiest man
5. Looking at mirror desperately to find at least one pack of abs after every 5 min of work out.

City Secret : How come Bangkok “Tuk-Tuk” are so cheap

Bangkok A City of Smile is very well known for it’s vibrant night life, Neon lights, cowboy streets, Temples, Thai Food, Cheap Goods, Canal, Floating Market, Precious Gem Stones and last but not the least “Tuk-Tuk”.

When I started exploring any place which is not too far from Hong Kong and where I can spend my 3 days of vacation, Bangkok came into my mind, and I booked flight tickets and a hotel room, and very next day I landed at Bangkok.

I hate planning stuffs, this trip was too an instant, and unplanned one which is not too bad thing to do. Less you plan, higher the chances you suffer, but that’s the only way you really know a place. And That’s how I learnt about “Tuk-Tuk” and the other Bangkok Scandals.

Tuk-Tuk: is nothing but an Auto Rickshow which is nicely decorated with colorful lights. As soon as you get out of your hotel you will find some one asking you to take you to the most exciting places of Bangkok and when you ask about the fare, it would be just 50-100 Thai BHAT for the entire Day….Yes..i am not drunk…and it’s not a joke. Tuk-Tuk earns 100 THB coupon from every shop they take you. And they always takes you to the places you will hardly like to go otherwise.

In some cases, Tuk-Tuk guys are also a part of some mafia gangs operating to con tourists. For reference, please google it “Gems scandals in Bang Kok”.

So tip from an experienced guy: Be alert when you hire a Tuk-Tuk. If you have time, enjoy where ever the guy takes you, And NEVER BUY ANYTHING.

Main Places TUK-TUK takes you:

1) A Gem-Stone Factory : They will say it’s gov. Authorized biggest Factory in Bang Kok blah blah blah….

2) A Man/Women Cloths/Suits Tailoring shops: They claim once you buy, they will complete it and deliver it to your hotel room next day morning or as soon as possible. Most of the time you wait in your hotel and you just go catch your flight, no one comes back.

3) Canal Ride Ferry Pier: The most highly priced pier it would be, which is not at all worth. Alternate is, there is a pier near Grand Palace, directly go there and get better deal.

4) Ping-Pong Show: Surely not a place one would like to go with family. Avoid it. The place would be so scary, isolated from city and do not know how weird it could be.

So if you already know above, you would be in a better position to avoid being fooled, and would be able to enjoy more.

Last Words: Bang kok is worth visiting, do plan and have fun.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

From Wiki: Hong Kong Flower Show (Chinese: 香港花卉展覽) is an annual exhibition presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) of Hong Kong. It is held every March in Hong Kong.
Before 2000, it was jointly organised by the Urban Council and the Regional Council, with the location alternating between Sha Tin Central Park and the Victoria Park. The new LCSD took over in 2000 and the location was fixed to be Victoria Park.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Everyday Life

This place is called Cowboy Street in Bangkok, Since it’s their Job they do it with full heart. The best part for me about this place is, it’s kind of a small world where you have people from almost every part of the world having sharing the same space, having a drink together. What else we expect this world to be in the present time of crisis when every other country is fighting for oil 🙂

A Journey by Nitin Goswami