About Me

My Name is Nitin Goswami, I hail from northern part of India a city called Jaipur, The ‘Pink City’. Presently I am Based in USA. My Job is automating processes through programming.

Besides my full time job, I like to take my camera out and stroll around the street to capture some portion of other’s life. I do not claim to be the best in the industry when it comes to the photography, and I do not think I need it too to be the one. I shoot because I like to shoot. I share because I like to share πŸ™‚

This Blog is my canvas to share the cultural experience I gain while travelling to various different parts of the earth. Sometimes little little things we notice Β in our daily life, we cherish them for that moment and move on, I like to take a pause there, capture it and share it with the world. Things like the way people celebrate their week end, the way people rush to work, the way people stand in a long queue to get a sandwich for breakfast, the way people run when the unexpected gust of rain hits out, the way children smile at strangers, the way one take a nap in the crowded bus, the way people celebrate their cultural festivals, the way they dress up, the way one cry, laugh, smile while reading or listening or watching an old clip/sms/mail……………..these are the most integral part of our life which is so special and the least realized……

So here I go on my journey….hope will cross your way too some day…….:P


23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Nitin, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m now also following you to see more of your photographs and read about your experiences. I enjoyed reading your “about” page. I like the way you described your blog as a canvas. Do visit my blog more and share your comments:-)

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