10 Habits that can offer me if not a great body but a better one than what I have right now


Almost everyone of us complains that we do not have time for gyming, workout, waking up early and going out for running. most of us have to hit office by 8 in the morning and by the time we reach home, it’s always 8 PM at least.
Than where the hell time is, when do I take care of my ever growing tummy and decreasing stamina? Who doesn’t like to have a flat tummy and an athletic body.

I would say, if you are done with cribbing, here are few things, you can not say you can’t follow(if you are not lying about being interested to stay fit)

These are routine things part of our daily life and mainly the real cause of the mess.

  1. Quit using Elevators, Use foot and climb steps even if it’s Escalator. And if you say your flat is on 21st floor, take the lift from 7th floor instead and climb up to 7th.
  2. Quit adding Milk in tea, have warm black tea add lemon, mint, pepper for taste.
  3. Quit Sugar, eat naturally sweet stuffs like dried dates for example to make your taste buds happy
  4. Quit having Two heavy meal, break them into 4-5 short meals in every 2-3 hrs(Ya I know everyone know this one!!!!)
  5. Quit Potato Chips, Fries, Cheese. Choose Subway over McDonalds or Burger King. Have healthy snacks like dry fruits, pumpkin seeds, banana chips, peanuts, puffed rice, popcorn to kill your snacks craving. Make sure whatever you intake, is not fried, prefer roasted.
  6. Choose Whole grain stuffs. Choose Whole wheat bread and avoid white bread.
  7. Be friends with a BIG SIZE WATER BOTTLE and keep it with you where ever you go. Try if you can drink warm water and avoid drinking cold water.
  8. Stay more vertical than horizontal 🙂 Do not sit for more than 15 min continuously.
  9. Eat fresh, say no to preserved food. Example, look for a fresh juice, bottled ones are fine only if you do not find the fresh ones.
  10. And most importantly, stay Calm, stay Happy, and do not try too hard 🙂

In China they say, follow three “Don’t” and stay Slim:

. Do not eat much

. Do not keep much in stomach

. Do not rest much

Happy New Year!!!!!!!


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