Daily Prompt: (Not) Just a Dream

We all have nightmare, and when it happens, even inside dream I keep on thinking, “I wish it’s a nightmare and not a real situation.”

But here what I am sharing is, a “Real Situation” which is no way less than a nightmare.

There is a place in Hong Kong called = Big Buddha.  Which is one of the famous tourist destinations. It’s on a mountain.

I planned to visit this place with my wife. We started late in the afternoon without checking what’s the open and close time, Specially the Transport facility.

We reached at 6 PM and started exploring the place. It’s was already dark and very cloudy. Statue of Buddha was merely visible.

So we decided to continue exploring a trail which takes to a place called “Wisdom Path” . Wisdom Path is a set of Pillars. The trail is a dense forest (Tea Garden). And in between you find a scary canteen(Shut Down) and many Scare crows, Dogs you never know snakes as well. But my adventure spirit kept me going on.

After all this wild life experience, when we came back to the bus stop, we realized we have already missed the last bus to the downtown and now we are stuck to the lonely mountain in the lonely night and clouds under our feet………..and few animals.

DOOR OF HOPE: When we almost gave up and looking for a ray of hope or “DOOR TO OPEN” to save us…Here comes an unknown guy bringing some hope with himself, and it’s almost fooling our self if we expect a hard core old local guy speaking English…

But guessed we were so lucky, some how unexpectedly he came to us, we asked him for help, luckily he could speak English a bit, found out some taxi numbers, and thankfully we got one and got down out of the place….while traveling back to home, we felt, we were not right when we Thought Buddha doesn’t want to see us, the guy was actually a god’s messenger………..

That was the scariest trip of my life so far due to the fact that we are alone, We also do not speak Chinese. And we do not know how to arrange a transport back to our home or city at least.


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