Holi Hai !!!! : Indian Spring Festival “Holi”

Significance of Holi in India: For more formal reason behind celebrating Holi is very well written in Wiki :- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holi

For me, Holi is a festival of colors, love, joy, good food, drinks, meeting friends, going wild, challenging our limits, dancing, bringing the evil out of you, doing things you generally do not do on your daily routine, and the things you consider uncivilized.

Who we play Holi with:
Whoever you know, friends, relatives, any one you know, you have met even only onces, twice, thrice, strangers, animals, tree, plant, wall, pet whoever comes on your way – You say “Holi Hai!!!” Which means “It’s Holi” and apply color to their face, through Water on them through either baloon, or bucket or water gun/sprinkler (Pichkari).
On the day of Holi, we visit each other, play holi with them, serve special snacks, even alchohol drinks. If there is any music arrangement, we dance on any bloody track.

By evening, One find himself, fully covered with 100s of different colors. Not able to recognize even himself. There is no energy left, returns back to home.

How the color is removed:
Need to apply lot of mustered oil, or weat floor facial. Once the massage is done, get under the shower and keep trying. Generally the color goes off in 2-3 days and in some cases it takes 7 days.
It’s taken care to use quality colors to avoid skin infection, however in some cases if the skin is sensitive, you pay a little price but it’s not serious.
Ultimately What we acheive: Is simply Fun !!!! Even Enemy becomes friend on Holi!!!


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