The Peak : Hong Kong’s The Best Place

THE PEAK: is located in Central District, Hong Kong Island.
If you are in Hong Kong, That’s the place you should never miss considering a visit. Probably the best place from where Hong Kong looks at it’s best.

I am not going to tell you what to do there, how to reach there and when to go there, What I will be speaking about here is, what I like most about this place.

1. This place is so peaceful.
2. Cool breeze there really chills me out, it’s so soothing that it saves a lot of your money you might otherwise waste in some Spa or Massage Parlor 🙂
3. It’s quite romantic as well to hold your partners hand and stroll around and peek through the entire Hong Kong, It certainly give me a feeling of being on “Cloud Nine”.
4. There are many fine dining options, great selection of restaurants and food. I like Pacific Coffee a coffee house, it offers a nice cup of coffee and a great view.
5. There are places like Shopping Mall, MADAME TUSSAUD, Souvenir shops etc you will not get bored.
6. Last but not the least, There are some “Hiking” options as well. The Peak places itself in one of the very famous nature trails.

Transport Options:
The very famous and highly recommended one is PEAK TRAM, This tram was introduced when Hong Kong used to be a British Colony by Britishers. Tram runs at the angle of almost 45′. It’s certainly a nice experience to travel in that angel and watching Hong Kong’s most famous sky scrappers inclined.

Vegetarian Food Options:
Since we are vegetarian our main focus always remain to find some vegetarian food.
NY Fries: French Fries(One of my favorite)
Pacific Coffee: There are two Vegetarian sandwiches available, also you can try cakes.
Other restaurants: There are couple of more options in Chinese restaurants, Vegetable Noodles are there.
OR ELSE: Come back to Central, and there are plenty of Indian Restaurants.

1. PEAK TRAM + SKY TERRACE —> I Like this one.
Sky Terrace is the podium situated at the highest point, from here the view is better as they claim. But If you are not first timer, you can avoid buying Sky Terrace option, even from level Zero you can find places to enjoy the view along with eating, shopping etc.



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